Care Tips

Client satisfaction is paramount with every project. This includes proper maintenance for a beautiful, long-lasting result. At the end of each decorative concrete installation, Joe Buonanno & Son Concrete provides a comprehensive maintenance guide with these important care tips:

  • Once installed, the concrete slab must be cured for a minimum of two (2) days without foot traffic and seven (7) days without vehicle traffic.
  • During the winter, only sand should be used for de-icing. The use of rock or any type of salt should be avoided as it will cause the decorative concrete to crack, peel, crumble and disintegrate.
  • Sand is the only material to create a skid resistant concrete surface.
  • Concrete should be resealed once every 3-4 years using a recommended commercial sealant. The frequency of such maintenance depends on several factors, including concrete grade, sunlight and foot or vehicle traffic.
  • Oil and gasoline spills are best removed as soon as possible. This can be done with Simple Green.
  • For snow removal, shovels without metal blades are recommended.
  • Decorative concrete should be protected against landscape chemicals used to fight weeds and insects. A good first step is to pay attention to and avoid puddling on surfaces.

Joe Buonanno & Son Concrete Warranties

Every project that bears the name Joe Buonanno & Son Concrete is one of the highest in quality. As part of its service commitment, the company provides warranties on their decorative concrete projects to include the repair and/or replacement of concrete are due to poor workmanship for up to one year after project completion.

On-site, the company also takes all necessary precautions to protect areas surrounding the work area but cannot be liable for surfaces affected by released color or sealers. Sealed concrete may be slippery so a non-slip additive is applied after installation.

Due to the nature of concrete material, Joe Buonanno & Son Concrete is unable to guarantee against cracks, surface scaling or peeling. Misalignment of stamped concrete patterns caused by tool dimensions and color variations from pour-to-pour and/or initial samples are also not covered. Damage due to de-icing chemicals, salt and other materials is at the owners’ expense. If permits are required during the project, the additional cost will be the client’s responsibility.