Proven Process

Expertise in concrete design and installation is much more than laying cement; it is a precise art and science. To ensure there is no stone unturned, Joe Buonanno & Son Concrete has developed a comprehensive process that separates the father and son team from most other firms.

Whether it is for a home or office setting, a member of Joe Buonanno & Son Concrete meets with clients on-site to discuss the project scope, personal style and budget guidelines. It is at this initial meeting that the company establishes confidence and illustrates its lifelong skill in and knowledge of decorative concrete. The resulting details are presented in a proposal with a variety of concrete design and finish options along with a corresponding price quote. Based upon the selected components, Joe Buonanno & Son Concrete prepares a full-scale project agreement and provides material samples.

Detailed Concrete Design & Installation Project Agreement

  • Type of concrete and/or overlays
  • Choice of texture and color
  • Cost and payment schedule
  • Warranty and guarantee details

Key to the Joe Buonanno & Son Concrete process is job site preparation and it is the foundation required to ensure the best possible concrete installation. It begins with the removal of existing concrete, grass, trees and other natural landscape from the area. Once the area is clear and ready, the concrete laying begins.

Concrete Installation Steps

  • Sub-base is graded and compacted. In areas where soil conditions are poor, gravel is laid down over the existing soil to support the concrete slab.
  • Plastic forms are placed to help mold the decorative shape.
  • Concrete is poured from a ready mix truck or wheelbarrows into the custom designed forms.
  • Special concrete rakes compact the mixture, remove air pockets and smooth the surface.
  • A flat metal or wooden board is used to further compact and smooth the slab, remove excess concrete and prevent surface bleed water.
  • Trowels and other hand tools work the decorative concrete edges and apply various slab finishes. (Browse finish options.)

While the newly installed concrete or overlays can be walked on, the slab will need to cure for approximately 28 days to prevent cracking and other possible side effects. Joe Buonnano & Son Concrete provides a comprehensive maintenance and care guide for beauty and longevity for many years to come.