Joe Buonanno & Son Team

Born in Solopaga, Italy, Joe Buonanno, Sr. was raised among the lineage of craftsman and was taught the finest Italian artisanship in concrete design and finishing from a very young age. It was during this same time he also learned the value of hard work and importance of integrity. In 1957, Joe Sr. brought his decades of experience to the U.S. and redefined the meaning of service for custom concrete design and installation in Southern New Jersey. To this day, he maintains the highest standards in workmanship and unrivaled work ethic, encouraging clients to expect only the best from Joe Buonanno & Son Concrete.

Like father like son, Joe Buonanno Jr. was raised with an eye for concrete design. Joe Sr. instilled a blend of art and skill with the focus on exceeding expectations. Together, the pair continues to expand their talent and expertise with continuing education in the field of concrete design and finishing. They look to maintain and pass on the company's insurmountable reputation built on craftsmanship, heritage and trust.